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0˚C is collaboration between photographer, Bruce Boyd and artist Tharien Smith

 0˚C is the first of  a 3 stage project that uses the 3 phases of water as either filters, the medium or canvas for the display of objects.

 In 0˚C we use Ice as a medium to display the beauty of flowers. I find it fascinating that ice can preserve something and at the same time also enhance or distort the beauty of it.   For a few fleeting moments  we are treated to this preserved beauty, the past encapsulated perfectly, before the ice melts and flowers wilt.   

 “ice contains no future , just the past, sealed away. As if they're alive, everything in the world is sealed up inside, clear and distinct. Ice can preserve all kinds of things that way- cleanly, clearly. That's the essence of ice, the role it plays.”  Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

 Bruce Boyd is a self-taught freelance commercial photographer living in Cape Town. He is the photographer of 'The wild ones', documenting the feral horses of  Kleinmond/Botriver. He has held several small exhibitions where this work has been featured. 

 Tharien Smith is an artist and graphic designer.  She graduated with a Textile degree from TUT and has spent most of her career working in various different creative corporate environments designing anything from furnishing fabrics/fashion, graphics and ceramic tiles. She loves spending time being a multi-skilled artist, creating beautiful things. 



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