The story behind the photos:

I have always wanted to do something with flowers. I grew up in a home surrounded by flower arrangements my mom made. My dad painted them so even the walls were covered with flowers.  The challenge was to come up with something original.

With the help of my girlfriend we first experimented photographing the ice-blocks against the light. The results were mediocre. One day when we were done we dropped an ice-block into a  nearby swimming pool.  The flowers caught the light beautifully and the surrounding blue backdrop completed the picture. I was fascinated b how the clinical nature of the ice and the emotional nature of the flowers contrasted, and a type of beautiful melancholy emerged.  

We spent the next six months photographing more than a hundred blocks of ice-arrangements. Most of the time the conditions weren’t perfect or the ice-blocks had developeda cloudyness, which obscured the flowers. After a few months we perfected the process and were able to get together enough material for an exhibition. 

The process:

Flowers are  frozen overnight  in plastic containers and then photographed at dawn in the nearest pool, stream or puddle. Ice-blocks crack randomly when hitting the water and together with the random bubbles formed during freezing, create an unique picture.

Settings : Usually around 1/200, 400ASA, F8-f11 depending on the light